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by Dea-89

I am simply going to adress the color and composition of this piece, as everything else is very good. The level of detail for this pain...

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I am at a crosspoint in my life where I can choose a myriad of roads to take, each leading to what seems a chasm of meaningless wonder, and purposefulness emptiness.

Backstory: The other day I was gazing into the ether atop  my roof, seeking some sort of vision from the beyond, in hopes of bringing myself ever closer to some sort of cosmic understanding. Failing at that, the realization of my own, and everyone else's bleak lives dawned on me.

As usual, my attempts at cavorting with the homeless insane was fruitless, as all I can recall from that evening of debauchery were ramblings of madmen living on the streets hoping to find some sort of meaning in the butterflies swarming around their heads.

I came home to find my condominium in shambles; gray walls,  upon black carpets, stained with dirt, blood, and probably other human fluids which I cannot bare to even think about.

I began to then wonder if this is just a temporary phase, a moment in time, where I feel this way. But the feeling never ends.

I realize that in such states time itself becomes meaningless, and so does the concept of aging, dying, and I become ever more concious of the eternity laid before me. A bleak, pointless, careless eternity full of nothing but the gray walls, and black carpets.

Being embraced by the twenty dollar prostitute only consoled my physical needs, but my emotional self is unsatisfied. After all, the poor lass' job isn't to satisfy my spiritual cravings, but to satisfy my physical needs (and oh, by the way, she served those needs flawlessly.)

I am at a crosspoint in my life. Do I continue this path of perpetual opulence which satisfies so much of my basic needs, or do I continue to seek some sort of understanding of the bleak eternity.

Perhaps the wisdom of the anonymous internet and it's wonderful forums may help me after all.  
Lately I have been standing on my balcony with my arms erect staring into the aether above, seeing the infinite void. The bleak horror of my own and everyone's insignificance is becoming unbearable. Cavorting with the local homeless insane has proven to be a futile effort, and the religion cannot help. What should I do!?
Hey Everyone!
SO exciting news. I have released yet another game on the Google Play Store. Which means that if you have an android device, such as a phone or tablet, you can download and play  my game!

There is a free and paid version.
The free version which is mired in ads can be found here:…

But if you'd like to buy an ad-free version, which helps me even more, please go here:…

It's only $1 to buy! Thanks for the support!
Dear Democrats, Neo-Liberals, and self-styled Progressives.

You have been lied to.
You have been taken advantaged of.
You are an intellectual no body that has been taken for a political ride by the very people you consider your greatest allies. 

I know what they tell you, behold the greater of the two evils. 
They've manipulated you with telling you that it is a vote between the lesser of two evils. Surely, a vote for Hillary is a vote against Trump. And HOW DARE you? How DARE you criticize Hillary? Don't you know, you're only voting for Trump?

They make the Presidency sound like the Monarchy. And I see you, alt-right, there. I see you hoping and dreaming that your're chosen one is going to deliver you from the great evils you think you face. You are no different. 

But the reality is, they all rely on the the idea that the Presidency is a seat of monarchy, of autocrats, of dictators.

Yet what IS a President? A person that can veto bills? A person that has, at best can nominate supreme court judges, that now have to go through a congressional hearing? An ultra-diplomat? The face of America? 

Can they do the things you fear them to do?
Can they do the things you wish them to do? 

Or will they face the scrutiny of the various political structure our government has? 

Would Hillary ban all guns, and violate the fundamentals of the second amendment without the two-third state approval?

Would Trump deport massive amounts of Muslims, without someone holding up his administration in the court system?

Now you are faced with choosing a person who has committed crimes against the state that lesser folk would be in jail for. A person that panders to every single one of you. A person that has now elected part of their staff, someone who has undermined a legitimate candidate you believed in? And for what? So you can vote against someone they portray as literally "worst than Hitler"?

Do you honestly believe that?

They tell you, when you go into that voting booth you have only TWO options. You either vote to be "With Her" or against "He Who Shall Not Be Named". You can't risk someone like the evil Trump becoming President. So you HAVE to vote for Hillary, or else. Really. That's your option. 

We elect Presidencies on character. We elect those who show themselves as rightful reprsentative of the American people. We judge them against the opposition. We've always been thrown the either this or that, and nothing more.

This year you have a choice. 
You can vote for someone who stands against everything you believe in. Crooked. Corrupted. Vile. Just so you can vote "against" the opposition. 

You can sit at home, and do nothing, knowing that you at least have the moral fortitude to stand against the shit storm.

Or you can give your support to a candidate you view as above the options thrown at you.

Because in the end.
It's not about the wins.
It's about the message.
  • Listening to: Opeth
After Many GRUELLING months, I have finally finished my game, UpLow!
You can now buy it for your android device here:

Play and give me a good review :D


United States
I am one hell of a sexy undead mime.

Current Residence: Black Forests of Nethal Nurik
Favourite genre of music: Black Metal
Favourite style of art: Black and White
Operating System: Saaahhhttaaahnn 2.0
Shell of choice: Corpse paint
Skin of choice: Corpse Paint
Favourite cartoon character: Fenriz
Personal Quote: Bllaaarrgghghhh!



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the real thing that led me here was your article on ff7(which I strongly disagree on), but I have to say, you do indeed have what it takes to be a game designer. keep up the good work
Dezenerate Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
I saw this album artwork recently and it reminded me of you.
jaakobou Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
Thank you for your support!
Glimmercat Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Great 3D work. I featured an image of your stuff at my blog here: [link] Hope that's cool. I love your tower of Babel. :)
Spiritofdarkness Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
:party: Happy Birthday !!! :cake:
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